Rihanna gives sensational Christmas gift

Rihanna has donated $1.75 million to a hospital in Barbados which will help pay for expensive medical equipment.

The singer turned actress announced the donation when she visited the hospital this weekend, along with her grandfater, Lionel Braithwaite and Monica, her mother.

Rihanna wanted to make the donation in honor of her late grandmother who passed away after a long battle with cancer earlier this June.

Thanks to the donation, the hospital's radiotherapy unit will benefit from new specialized equipment. Rihanna's grandmother, Clara Braithwaite was treated at the hospital where her family came to visit before she died.

The unit has now been renamed the 'Clara Braithwaite Center for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine.'

This year, Rihanna made the headlines with her new ventures from her first role in Battlefield to her 'Nude' perfume.

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