Ricky Gervais more influential than Piers Morgan after firing

It looks like Ricky Gervais is getting more attention than Piers Morgan and Oprah Winfrey combined this week.

While British host Piers Morgan over on CNN had Oprah as his first guest, the news was buzzing elsewhere about all the Hollywood stars Gervais managed to insult, and not to mention his alleged firing during the ceremony.

No one can be certain if Gervais was told to calm down during the Golden Globes show despite assurances that it was a scheduled absence. What is certain is now Gervais will be heading for a one on one with Piers Morgan Thursday night.

British hosts collide: Piers Morgan vs Ricky Gervais

Nothing could be more classic than this set up, seeing as Gervais can't keep his comedy to himself, and Morgan is unafraid of anyone. Putting these two witty hosts together in one setting is probably the coolest thing TV has seen in a while.

Who will win the battle of the wits, and will TV audiences find this amusing, a British invasion gone wrong, or just another setting for a ratings battle.

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