Ricky Gervais location scouting and ready to 'Learn English'

Ricky-Gervais-Learn-English We're all about to witness 'Learn English', a new Internet TV series from Ricky Gervais that will be released for free later this month.

The comedian turned blogger announced his latest series on Twitter and wrote about its nuances. "Learn English" will feature his amigo Karl Pilkington and the two will go on a quest deep inside the English language to uncover its glory.

The straight to internet series is a new venture and approach for Gervais after he managed to win the ire and loathing hate from American celebrities at the Golden Globes, twice. It's going to be interesting to see how he takes on the English language and obliterate it, beyond the scope of Ali G's brutality. This time however, Staines won't need to rename itself unless Gervais picks a small town to poke fun at. I can think of a few…but I will leave it to him to make a 'hit list'.

Learn English trailer

'Learn English' will be offered to people for free on the 14th August on itunes and the comedian is looking for sponsorship or he will charge people a few pounds per episode.

Gervais is currently walking about West London looking for locations (including Beaconsfield) according to his latest tweets and will be posting more updates on his blog.

Are you looking forward to some Gervais humour?

Gervais on Twitter

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