It’s official: Ricky Gervais returning to 2012 Golden Globes

The HFPA have just announced that Ricky Gervais will be back for the 69th Golden Globe Awards on January 15th 2012.

The news will be met with some applause as Gervais famously roasted half of the guests in attendance creating quite a stir, and more blog buzz than the Oscars. Well, maybe not quite, but the Golden Globes this year where a lot of fun thanks to the witty British host.

However not everyone will be pleased that he’s returning, including perhaps Johnny Depp or Angelina Jole, who were the centre of his jokes this past year. Whatever your opinion of him may be, Gervais delivered a controversial yet highly topical Awards show and it makes sense to put the industry’s first major Awards ceremony in the spotlight with humour.

We now wait to see what kind of absurdity he has in store for us this year. Which Golden Globe attendee will be ‘running for the hills’ this time?

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