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"RIAA, MPAA, and DOJ are like three blind mice"

That was the word from Megaupload attorney Ira Rothken in response to the entertainment industry's unified lawsuit against the former video streaming site.

The music and film industries came together earlier this week to file a lawsuit against Megaupload alleging that it had been proactive in promoting illegal content hosted on its site, and made millions from copyright infringement.

The Recording Industry Association of America, the MPAA along with the department of Justice were criticized by Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom's lawyer who felt that the lawsuit was "mertiless' and considered it an "assault on neutral cloud tech."

While fans of the Megaupload website will remember just how easy it was to get free streaming content, the legal team defending the now defunct online website, may be creating more problems by mocking the entertainment industry.

According to Variety, the lawsuit claims that Megaupload generated $175 million in "illicit profits".

A report in The wire goes further to suggest that the claim is different because it focuses on Megaupload's active promotion of copyright infringement.

Could this lawsuit set a new precedent for copyright infringing websites or hosting companies that have legal and illegal content on their servers?

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