Review : Iceland - Eyjafjallajökull Volcano

Short Film - Sean Stiegemeier

Cinematographer Sean Stiegemeier created one of the web's most memorable time lapse video of Iceland's infamous, and impossible to spell volcano. Spewing out hot ash over an ice cold leviathan, Stiegemeier's rendition of one of nature's most powerful beasts is stunning. Along with a powerful track (Jonsi's 'Kolniður')', the time lapse music video exentuates the unpredictability of the volcanoe as the clouds simmer and cross the skymine. It captures the beauty of light as dawn turns to dusk, and we get a sense of 'Earth's' inner core on display.

It is quite simply an excellent example of DSLR filmmaking and great composition to create a video with an impact.

Website: Sean Stiegemeier

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