Reflecting on the changes in our industry since 2000

It has been a decade of change with the rise of computers and mobile phones that are now part of every day life, and some say, now an irreplaceable human right.

As I developed the network over the course of the past years, discovering the journeys of people in our industry from, New York to South Africa, I realized that now more than ever, we are interconnected on many levels. No longer is there a divide between cultures as accessibility is now so easy; with the innovation of the web providing us the tools to stay in touch.

When DVD overtook sales of VHS, it gave birth to a new demand in high-tech viewing. The format wars gave birth to blu-ray (over HD DVD), but all these formats are to become obsolete faster than the rise and fall of the VHS. The future is in downloading and HD streaming services. The internet has re-invented the entertainment industry, and will be the main platform for its success in the next decade.

Looking toward 2010, I will be developing the Film Industry Network to incorporate an unprecedented level of openness for you to be able to reach your peers, icons and future employers. Whether you re a film student or Steven Spielberg, this community will bring people together on an equal footing.

Just a quick note, Steve, if you are reading this, I will invite you to join in very soon ☺

film industry network members