Rebecca Black signs record deal, Friday video gets 1 million dislikes

Rebecca Black may soon eclipse Justin Bieber's Pray featuring Ludacris for being the most disliked music video on youtube, but the 13 year old plans an entire album.

The hit 'Friday song' is gaining over 1 million views a day on average since its upload but the comments are not favourable.

Does Rebecca Black possess unique talent to be able to sell records? Of course. There is so much more to the hate than first appears. Justin Bieber is a good example of how anti-sentiment can fuel the positive flow of news, and reviews.

Bieber has received so much hate on youtube, there probably is a word record ready to be broken, but the star has one of the biggest careers in entertainment.

It is likely, Rebecca Black will also be successful if she draws out the positive in her music, above the criticism from others. At the end of the day, can the haters go and make a hit song and get a million likes?

Friday Song Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black


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