Rebecca Black gets Katy Perry approval

Rebecca Black turned 14 yesterday and was congratulated by fans and stars including Katy Perry, who featured her video in the ‘Last Friday night’.

With over 160 million views, at just the age of 14, Rebecca Black became an international sensation for her now infamous ‘Friday Song’ which defined a new meaning for the word ‘viral’. Every news agency, blogger, and music video consumer heard about the song.

Rebecca Black’s internet fame wont stop here, and even though the ‘Friday Song’ has been taken off the web due to alleged copyright infringement from the producers of the video, it’s just the beginning.

Anticipation and hype for her next video builds. Will it be condemned, criticized, hacked, leaked or remixed? Most likely, but for many young teenagers who are looking for the internet glory, Rebecca Black’s Friday Song is an inspiration.

For now, we can only wish her a happy birthday and a successful career ahead.

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