Rebecca Black fans take on Charlie Sheen parodies

Charlie Sheen parodies have been on the web since his epic downfall and now Rebecca Black fans, and haters, have joined in the fun.

Having been discovered on youtube from her now infamous Friday Song , the young teen is at the centre of online parodies and jokes as people take out their revenge for the worst song on youtube.

Critics have quickly taken to dubbing, relaying the soundtrack for Rebecca's song, and remixing it to bring in different, ridiculous qualities.

It seems that viral videos have become mainstream news, and people can't get enough of the parody machine.

Are you looking for the best Rebecca Black parody or Charlie Sheen remix? Check out from a small selection of chosen videos below

Rebecca Black parodies

Rebecca Black voice over dubbing spoof

Rebecca Black Hell remix

Charlie sheen parodies

Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Song

Charlie Sheen Dubstep Ephixa techno remix

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