Reaction to the 2011 Golden Globes Awards and Ricky Gervais jokes

LOS ANGELES, USA - While 'The Social Network' stole the show with the most awards, it would seem the bigger story of the night was how Hollywood reacted to host Ricky Gervais jokes.

The British comedian presented at the ceremony for a 2nd year in row, but over the course of the evening, it seemed there were few who could escape his joke assault.

While Johnny Deep and Angelina Jolie were an easy target, Gervais joked that the HFPA had nominated them so they could hang out with the stars.

This may have offended the two stars, and the Award Show executives themselves, who he suggested had taken bribes to put them in a category. Despite the controversy, the British Host had intended to bow out at this year's Awards ceremony, and for the mostpart, it would seem there was no way he could ever come back.

Reaction to the Golden Globes Awards

Earlier in the evening, Christian Bale went away to win best supporting actor in The Fighter which indicated the night may fare well for the Brits. It did, and Colin Firth took home the Best Actor globe for his performance in The King s Speech .

This is how the media and bloggers reacted to ceremony:

"But, being Ricky Gervais, he seemingly couldn't stop himself putting a button on his performance that would practically guarantee that he'll never be invited back: "And thanks to God for making me an atheist." - Omg

"The Globes are considered one of the best, if not the best, awards show on television because of this feeling that anything goes and Champagne-fueled winners and presenters could say just about anything. Adding Gervais into the mix last year was exactly the kind of tone that seemed to fit the primetime party and as funny as he was this year, there's little doubt many in the industry will think he went too far." - Reuters

"It seems that The Office star entertained his American audience more than he offended." - Hellomagazine

"HFPA members make better bartenders than journalists, but the one thing flowing more freely than the booze at Sunday s lavish awards dinner was the venom.  The string of lethal one-liners from emcee Ricky Gervais (and an even more unrestrained presenter Robert Downey Jr. and special honoree Robert De Niro) frequently took aim at the HFPA s unprofessional behaviour." - Thestar

"Even when Gervais eventually returned, observers noted that he seemed subdued, leading to suggestions that he had been asked to tone down his routine. According to CNN host Piers Morgan, Gervais looked "haunted". He vowed to ask the comedian: "What the hell did they do to you backstage?" - Guardian

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