Reaction to Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz made a 'career comeback' in her comedy outing as a foul-mouthed, rule breaking professor in 'Bad Teacher', but the reaction to her performance and the movie has been mixed.

There was much anticipation ahead of its theatrical run because of our fond memories of Ben Stiller and Diaz in 'There's Something About Mary'. 'Bad Teacher' had the characteristics and the potential to be another runaway hit for comedy, and shine a spotlight on Justin Timberlake as a leading man.

Well, now the reviews are out, and the reaction is fairly negative, it looks like this one was a misfire. Although Cameron Diaz pulls off a superbly offensive character, the story doesn't put enough intrigue into them for the audience to get in to it. For the sake of fun, it delivers, but this could have been so much more, according to a wide range of reviews.

Check out some of the reaction to 'Bad Teacher' below :

Media reaction to Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher

"We expected satire, a comedy that explored the dark side of teaching, a topic rarely discussed due to societal taboos. What we got was a vehicle that took competent, likeable actors and jammed them into these roles that are more wooden, one-dimensional caricatures than anything else." - Patch

"Some critics have complained that Cameron Diaz isn’t likeable. So what. Other critics have complained Diaz isn’t suited for comedy. She’s fine in this, although a few more funny lines would’ve helped. She was certainly funny in There’s Something About Mary" - San Diego

"Though the movie drags through some dull and witless sections, Bad Teacher can be funny" - Forbes

Bad Teacher
Stars : Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segal
Directed by : Jake Kasdan
Opening weekend (US) : $31,603,106

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