Rap Music video in Oakland turns into gun battle

Rapper Kafani’s latest music video shot in Oakland didn’t exactly turn out the way it should. In fact, things went horribly wrong when the set of his latest video became the scene of a live gun battle.


A 1-year old was reportedly shot in the head, and 7 other bystanders injured when two groups began shooting at each other next to a parking lot where the video was being made. Kafani however escaped the violence as he was working in the studio at the time of the incident. News of the shootout has shocked the music industry. This kind of violence has also set an uneasy precedent for future productions wanting to shoot in the local area.

Rap videos in the past have often been accused of ‘promoting’ gang culture but at the end of the day, artists are just trying to create a message through their lyrics. Although we can’t comment on the nature of this video, according to the AP report, it would appear that the shootout is unrelated.

Kafani – Faast fr Keak Da Sneak music video

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