Qumu taking on Youtube with video speech search

Qumu has launched a new technology that will help people search for videos via speech across devices.

Imagine you can find your favorite videos on Youtube by typing in a memorable quote, whether you're on a smartphone or a laptop. Instead of searching for a video title, brand, artist, lyric or expert speaker, all you need to do is remember a few lines of what they said.

Video speech search is now a reality in 2013 thanks to this new technology, and people are about to be empowered like never before.

One of the biggest problems on the web today is that there are so many videos being produced, and we often lose track of where they are and what they were called. Sometimes you can only remember what was said in a movie or webinar, and you never get to re-discover that content because you've forgotten the title, the actor or the speaker’s name. It is the capability of searching through speech that will re-define how we interact with content, and that is why I am so excited about this technology.

Qumu have developed this speech search recognition capability within an 'Enterprise Video Platform', which allows businesses to create social video engines for their workers. While major platforms like Hulu and Youtube don't have this technology yet, speech search is going to make a huge difference in the way people can find content.

Steven Ferrigno, VP of Qumu recently spoke about how video had become a more effective communication tool for businesses:

"Video use has been on the rise inside enterprises for the past five years. Now is the time for organizations to adopt an enterprise video system and reap the benefits."

How the video technology works:

  • Videos are managed, organized and distributed live to all connected users (Desktop and mobile)
  • Audio is indexed from videos into the EVP (Enterprise Video Platform)
  • Users type in a phrase or spoken word to find any video
  • Indexed words from video content are matched, and displayed
  • Both speech and text are integrated therefore users can search both simultaneously

Although speech search is not a new concept, being able to search for video content by typing in spoken words, is one of the biggest tech 'revolutions' since Youtube and other video platforms like Hulu were founded.

Fun facts about video content

  • 73.7% of Business knowledge is based on spoken word
  • 75% of executives watch work-related videos
  • By 2015, video will account for 57% of consumer internet traffic

Sources : Cisco, Forbes, Rimage

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