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Quentin Tarantino should make 'The Hateful Eight' right now

Quentin Tarantino - Stick to plan A

Quentin Tarantino will lose a huge opportunity if he does not decide to pursue 'The Hateful Eight' film right now.

The director was furious after someone in his circle leaked the first draft of the script and he told Deadline that he would delay the movie, even placing it a few years down the line.

From my perspective that would be a real tragedy, given that the debate about the script, and how it has been leaked, has created a huge media storm. The press are eager to find out more, and after the recent success of 'Django Unchained' why delay? A year down the line, people might not even give a damn about the movie. There is so much stuff happening that it's very easy to forget about a project that was hyped up in the past.

I would urge him to put the fury aside, capitalize on the attention right now and start getting that film into place. This movie is already creating debate in the UK, and elsewhere. What an amazing feat for a 1st draft and I think the leak has just speeded up that process. It's real unfortunate that he's had this betrayal, but in the end, he's been given a golden ticket, and that's what matters. Also, since when do we ever make good decisions when we're angry? I certainly don't.

Of course Tarantino could pursue a book deal and that is totally valid given the attention but the truth is, Tarantino's 'clients' are movie buffs who love his films and they are crazy excited about 'The Hateful Eight'. Stick to plan A! Can't wait to see this in motion.

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