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Quentin Tarantino files copyright complaint with Google against Gawker

Tarantino vs Gawker

Quentin Tarantino made an official copyright takedown request to Google to remove an article on that links to his leaked script.

An anti-piracy firm made the copyright request on behalf of the director today, according to Google's transparency report, which is the 9th listed copyright complaint related to the Gawker news site.

The filing with Google also coincides with a separate lawsuit issued by Tarantino's attorney that seeks damages from Gawker's article that shows people how to get his leaked script.

FIN will not provide this link here however, we have independently verified that those links did in fact lead to his original script, but the sites hosting the script had removed the document.

The copyright takedown may affect Gawker's Google traffic as a penalty incurred would de-rank or make a page completely disappear from search. It is unclear whether this will affect Gawker's overall web traffic, but websites risk losing significantly if they appear to be woefully infringing copyright on a regular basis.

Aint it Cool News has also been targeted in the copyright removal request along with 24 other web pages on various sites.

Whether Tarantino will be able to win damages from Gawker after sharing the leaked script is unclear however the news site has vowed to challenge it.

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