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Quentin Tarantino announces his retirement goals at AFM

Quentin Tarantino has announced at the AFM that he has only 2 more films to go after he completes 'The Hateful Eight'.

Following the script leak of his movie earlier this year, the director issued a lawsuit against the Gawker news blog for facilitating the download of his script. The director then said that he would not be making the film, but then changed his mind and decided to get the production going.

20 years after the movie 'Pulp Fiction' was released, Tarantino's style of directing is still much admired around the world. Recently, 'Django Unchained' which he wrote and directed, grossed over $400 million worldwide, receiving critical acclaim.

At the AFM, Tarantino stated that he would like to have a 10-film filmography before he retires. Whether there is any leeway for him to extend his career is another question. He also highlighted why he chose to make 'The Hateful Eight' as a 70mm epic, saying that:

"We will remind people why this is something you can’t see on television and how this is an experience you can’t have when you watch movies in your apartment, your man cave or your iPhone or iPad."

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