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Prolific producer Gary Goldstein to share screenwriting secrets


Gary Goldstein turns to Kickstarter for new book

Hollywood Producer Gary Goldstein behind such hits as 'Pretty Woman' and action classic 'Under Siege' is turning to Kickstarter to share his knowledge with all those who want to become successful screenwriters.

Having produced some of Hollywood's biggest movies, Goldstein's valuable experience in working on big productions and getting scripts made is a dream many screenwriters wish to fulfil. Getting a script made however is an uphill struggle for first time screenwriters, especially with no insider connections, or knowledge on how that difficult process works. Even with a good script, and experience, getting in the door is not easy, and there's lots of competition out there in the marketplace.

Goldstein decided to use the Kickstarter platform to help him raise money for the book, which he will self publish. He is also giving people the opportunity to have mentoring and script makeovers, along with personal coaching.

With the support of other key industry figures, including Producer Suzanne Lyons and Margo Romero (The Apprentice), Goldstein will be giving screenwriters additional giveaways if the project is successful.

At the time of writing, Gary has raised over $5000 in just a few short days. Check out his Kickstarter page here for more info.

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