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It was profitable to destroy Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin

It was a perfect storm for gossip sites and bloggers to destroy Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin as they blurted out profanities that would be seen as racist and homophobic to most audiences.

The demise of Mel Gibson's public image centred around very unfortunate incidents that were low points in his life and used to sensationalize his anti-Jewish agenda, an obvious lie, and fabrication created in order to irritate audiences so that they would share and debate the news.

The same goes for Alec Baldwin. He was targeted by certain publications and ridiculed. Every fact was twisted, and a slant was created to make him look like a monster. While Baldwin made a public letter that certainly didn't help him gain sympathy, Gibson didn't choose to defend himself despite the revelation earlier this year that he had struggled with alcohol, and had a very difficult time in his personal life that had caused his outbursts.

Gary Oldman recently defended Mel Gibson in a passionate tirade, while to put it into context, a damaging video of Justin Bieber using the n-word was quickly forgiven.

In the end, Gibson and Baldwin suffered hugely and unnecessarily because a select few individuals wanted to exploit and make money off their low points. A total lack of respect or any understanding of their situation led to these fabricated facts, yet very few are prepared to defend them.

It's easy to forget what these two actors achieved over several decades when we're bombarded by news articles that all focus on a negative assumption that was made up to make money. That to me, is the biggest tragedy in all this, at the expense of people who do great work.

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