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Piranha 3D takes on Snakes on a Plane

Piranha-3DPiranha 3D, the next major hollywood B movie release hit theatres with a munch, and some Oscar panache but failed to thrill despite praise from critics.

Oscar winning Elizabeth Shue (from Leaving Las Vegas) leads this popcorn delight, which surely amuses audiences, rather than inspires them. After an underwater tremor sets free a load of prehistoric man-eating fish, a group of strangers try to avoid becoming fish food. Casting includes Eli Roth and Ving Rhames with the help of a cameo from none other than Jaws leading man Richard Dreyfuss.

Chuck Russell was originally scheduled to direct the 1978 horror remake but director Alexandre Aja was later attached to the project, which was shot mainly on a lake.

Although Spielberg did not endorse this movie as a masterpiece , audiences were certainly getting entertainment not seen since Snakes on a plane starring Samuel L Jackson. The highly anticipated movie, which came out in 2006 was an internet sensation but failed to break the ice at the box office with a $15 million opening, far short of analysts expectations. Moreover, the only recognizable cast member was Samuel L Jackson, leaving the picture a little dry for known talent. Still, as recent box office figures show, Piranha 3D earned just over $10 million and was widely hyped by numerous media outlets.

The timing of the release may also have affected its earnings as it contended with a Julia Roberts comeback movie and a 80s action movie directed by Sylvester Stallone. The Expendables has proven to beat all competition at the US box office for a 2nd week in a row. The success will add to the fuel for a remake, which has already been confirmed by Stallone.

Despite the weak opening for Piranha 3D, the Weinstein Company and Dimension announced today that We can t wait to work on a sequel.

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