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Pinewood Studios to expand facilities starting this January

Pinewood Studios is set to begin construction on its new studio development starting this January following approval from South Bucks District Council.

Home of the James Bond movies and recently Disney's highly anticipated 'Star Wars 7', the UK film studio will be adding new facilities, workshops, and a production office increasing the overall capacity for film shoots and commercials.

The first phase of the Pinewood Studios Development is set to begin with the construction of 5 stages in 2015, and a total of 100,000 sq metres of new facilities will be built once the expansion is completed, doubling the size of the complex.

With strong growth in the film industry and high demand for bigger sets and more complicated logistics for large budget features and TV productions, the studio made a business case for the construction of new stages which initially faced opposition due to the restrictions placed on green belt land.

The £200m expansion will continue for more than a decade in a series of phases, and will create over 8000 full time jobs. The studio estimates that yearly export revenue will go up by £37m a year once the development is fully completed.

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