Piers Morgan twitter tirade vs Delta too powerful to ignore?

CNN's Piers Morgan took to the skies with Delta Airlines and start tweeting in fury as his plane was diverted back to the runway he took off from.

The show host vented his frustration as he was late to America's Got Talent auditions on his New York to Minneapolis flight. With his army of twitter followers spreading his message, word got out fast about his frustration. Did the CNN host go too far in his bashing? Critics are already raising the question as to whether Piers was out of line to publicity cause a PR disaster for an airline.

Social networks are unforgiving when the news is bad, as messages, videos and tweets can quickly become viral. Celebrities with huge twitter followings command a viral marketing audience at the press of the button, but their actions come with consequences.

A single tweet from Piers Morgan could cause millions of dollars in damage if interpreted the wrong way. If you look at the extent this media story is getting since he did so, Delta is having a very bad day. No airline is ever perfect.

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