Piers Morgan Tonight ratings up, CNN beats MSNBC

CNN has increased its 25-54 audience demographic by 55% from a year ago, with Piers Morgan Tonight ratings receiving a February boost.

During the same period, MSNBC had a smaller growth of viewership in the same demographic with an 8% increase.

Slammed for his Madonna and Keith Olbermann snub, Piers Morgan has clawed back the ratings with some high profile guests including Bi-winning Charlie Sheen. He also brought in audiences during the Egypt uprising and on the current Japan crisis.

Is Piers Morgan bringing CNN out of the ratings slump with his new style of journalism? Overall Piers Morgan Tonight is up 50% in the 9pm slot compared to a year ago and the show is making a turnaround.

Piers Morgan took over from Larry King earlier this year with his new prime time show, but it got off to a slow start despite several high profile guests. Critics were quick to criticize him, but they may have something new to say about these good ratings.

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