Piers Morgan Tonight ratings tumble even with George Clooney, Gervais

Piers Morgan Tonight, the new CNN show faced a ratings tumble despite several high profile guests including George Clooney and Ricky Gervais.

According to TV statistics, when Piers interviewed Oprah, over 2 million viewers tuned in, but that those ratings tumbled to an average of 718,000 viewers by Friday with George Clooney as a guest.

It is too early to tell whether these audience figures suggest a general sustained decline for the show, however such a large drop is worrisome. Even if it picks up next week it has over 1 million viewers from the show s premiere to gain back. There are few guests that will bring in more viewership than Oprah, unless Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga go on and talk to Piers together.

Piers Morgan Tonight struggled to get even half of FNC s Hannity s 1.7 million viewers on Friday.

Piers Morgan Tonight controversy

Piers Morgan faced criticism as well as praise for his Madonna ban, but when he expanded his blacklist to Keith Olbermann and other figures, the response was less than positive.

Despite Piers vocal opposition to Madonna the show host is a very successful journalist and reporter in the US and the UK. Will you watch his show?

Piers Morgan vs Keith Olbermann

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