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Piers Morgan slams George Clooney for hijacking the football game

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Piers Morgan lost his cool over the weekend when George Clooney took part in a Disney sponsored promo during the Arsenal vs Manchester United game.

George Clooney is currently in the UK promoting his latest movie 'Tomorrowland', and was seen at the European premier of the film in Leicester square on Sunday. However his sudden appearance midway through the football match was not very well received.

Piers Morgan slammed both Disney and Clooney while football fans went on Twitter to vent.

Despite the backlash from football supporters, movie fans were delighted to see Clooney appearing in London, far away from the buzz of the Cannes Film Festival.

Sky News reporter Lucy Cotter spoke with Clooney about the film and asked the actor whether he was going to enter politics:

Clooney: "I don't want to go into it. Would you? Does it look appealing?"

Cotter: "You're now a Brit. We can claim you can't we?"

Clooney: "Yes you can..I'm also claimed in Beirut, so I'm doing quite well. I get claimed a lot!"

'Tomorrowland' will be released in the UK on 22nd May in cinemas.

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