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Piers Morgan, Ricky Gervais and Richard Branson go nuts online

British Celebrities unite to praise Olympics

I've never seen such a united front when it comes to the online discussion between the UK's top media personalities. Piers Morgan, Richard Branson and Ricky Gervais have brought the Olympics closer to the web.

With a shared online audience in excess of 7 million users, these 3 alone can almost catch up to the BBC's superb Friday viewership total of 11 million viewers (well not quite, but you get my point).

Today has been a sensational victory for British athletics not just on the ground but on the web. I can literally hear the victorious shouting from these guys, and this is the first time we've ever had an Olympics this interactive.

The London 2012 Olympics has been billed the world's first 'Live social event', as back in 2008 in China, we were not as connected as we are now, and the Games is benefitting from the viral power of online discussion, shares, videos and more.

This is what Team UK online have been saying about today's winners (which includes 6 Gold medal victories)

Piers Morgan : Twitter

Piers Morgan Olympics

Ricky Gervais : Twitter

Ricky Gervais Olympics

Richard Branson : Twitter

Richard Branson Olympics

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