Piers Morgan launches twitter assault on footballer Rio Ferdinand

Piers Morgan has taken his twitter beef with Rio Ferdinand to a new high, and shared his rage with Eva Longoria.

Piers Morgan

With twitter becoming a mainstream 'personal' news site, the twitter tirades have become more closely scrutinized. Today's latest battle is more entertaining than anything else, but CNNs show host has shown no love to the footballer. This is not the first time the show host has used his twitter to vent his anger. Over a week ago, Morgan used his twitter to publicly condemn Delta Airlines for turning his plane back forcing him to be late for America's Got Talent auditions.

Will the show host win his latest battle with Rio Ferdinand or will it isolate him further from his fans, who might be losing patience with his beefs?

Piers Morgan

Well @rioferdy5 - general verdict is I've owned, merked, pawned, hammered and flat-lined you. Again. Back to the treatment room Sicknote.

@rioferdy5 I thought you were supposed to be good at this Twitter banter - I'm making you look dumber than Rooney #didntthinkitwaspossible

I'll start my own show MARKED - it's 'whet' #ignorioamus RT @rioferdy5: Might bring my MERKED show back as @piersmorgan has wet my appetite!

@rioferdy5 and if I wanted a lesson on physical appearance I'd go to @EvaLongoria not Shrek's ugly brother.

@rioferdy5 Clarkson hit me like you do on here - so pathetically softly I barely noticed #babiespunchharder

Rio Ferdinand

I'm gonna stop entertaining tweeps, I feel I'm being used to top up piers' followers numbers in his quest to outdo his mate!

@piersmorgan your deluded...I've smashed u all over the twitterverse now get your slippers out and concentrate on controlling your farts!

RT @markcporter: loving @rioferdy5 taking @piersmorgan's grammar hammer and sticking it where the sun doesn't shine(2 join his head) #banter

RT @seleza: Yes @Piersmorgan stop being an old man and live a little. A typo isn't the end of the world » » but I'm afraid #moobs are!

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