Piers Morgan encourages twitter beefs on CNN, is it good publicity?

Piers Morgan beefs

Champion of online tirades Piers Morgan encouraged recent guest, Nick Cannon, to ‘start a twitter war’ live on his show.

Nick Cannon revealed on Piers Morgan Tonight that he was proud about his beef with Eminem. The two were locked in a battle ‘over’ Mariah Carey, which turned ugly when several songs from both camps went public.

Piers went to ask the question whether Cannon would take him (Eminem) out in a dark street but he tried to avoid the question. However some news agencies have quoted that he would, which was not exactly directed at Em himself.

Ever since Eminem released his explicit version of ‘The Warning’, Cannon has avoided infuriating the situation.

One of the most striking lines in the song (released in 2009) is a reference to Cannon’s entertainment career when Eminem states: “You gonna ruin my career, you better get one.” Eminem, is after all one of the biggest rappers of all time, and a wordsmith who can fight back with the most clever insults.

Do twitter beefs, blog hate videos and song battles help artists and entertainment figures win them more publicity? Is it a good idea to encourage negative tirades, or is this all in a bit of fun? Some have gone overboard. Feuds are nothing new in the business, but as long as they stay comedic at most, no harm can come from it.

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