Piers Morgan "Empty Chair" goes viral : Top 5 definitions


Piers Morgan talks about the Empty Chair

When Todd Akin decided not to turn up to Piers Morgan's interview on CNN, not only did the host publicly humiliate him, but he replaced him with an iconic symbol: An empty chair.

It seemed amusing at first, but people have become drawn to its powers and taken them on to new 'defined' heights. Looking at the fabric of the chair itself, it doesn't appear to have any 'iconic powers', but its symbol has become something of a craze in the past few hours.

Just looking at the latest reactions of people who saw the no-show interview, it would seem that the definition of the "empty chair "has several meanings.

What the empty chair symbolises

  • 1. Represents a lack of self-commitment to life
  • 2. It's a vulnerable entity that needs "love and affection"
  • 3. A person who is "empty inside"
  • 4. It represents opportunity if it can find it's place
  • 5. It loudly states that something is amiss

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