Piers Morgan names Charlie Sheen and Oprah the best interviewees

Piers Morgan Tonight, which launched earlier this year, included the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Charlie Sheen, which Piers has named as the best standout moments on the show.

The two very different interviews took place at the start of what was seen as a 'rocky path' with less than stellar ratings for the show. It soon picked up, and some of the early successes for CNN was thanks to Charlie Sheen and Oprah.

Charlie Sheen was interviewed by Piers Morgan at the height of his one-man 'winning streak' as he took on Chuck Lorre and CBS over his axing on 'Two And A Half Men'. Piers told the Chicago Sun Times :

"I'd say the Charlie Sheen one, for sheer live drama excitement, and also because by then I'd been getting a bit fed up with the fact that he doesn't do [all his interviews] live. Two-thirds of my show so far have been live, and I love live TV".

With Charlie Sheen live, and Oprah revealing in depth secrets about her past on Piers' show, you could say these two guests gave it new life.

Did you watch Oprah or Charlie Sheen on Piers Morgan Tonight?

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