Piers Morgan bans Hugh Grant on CNN for life

Piers Morgan added Hugh Grant to his ever increasingly large media blacklist including Keith Olbermann, Madonna and Tony Blair’s wife Cherie Blair.

The CNN host took great offense when Hugh Grant publicly announced on BBC radio that there was no need for ‘tabloid press’.

Hugh Grant : "The tabloid press is completely unnecessary….we don't need them, we don't want them, and the sooner they go out of business the better."

In a move that is becoming a Piers Morgan trademark, the show host and former editor of News Of the World immediately turned to twitter to announce the lifetime ban.

Athough Hugh Grant is likely to survive without Piers Morgan’s backing, he sure will miss a great opportunity should he ever need a promotional boost in America for an upcoming movie.

Piers Morgan is also one of the few show hosts using twitter as a ‘news outlet’ outside of his own primetime show. With Piers Morgan ratings on the rise, it would seem audiences are more intrigued by his show than ever before. Is this Hugh Grant’s darkest hour?

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