Periscope is down worldwide : App goes dark on iOS and Android

The Periscope App suffered a temporary outage for most users following that rendered broadcasts and search inoperable.

The app started to have issues shorty after 8pm GMT and failed to refresh for many users for 15 minutes. Periscope is currently in the midst of extraordinary growth as the platform becomes increasingly important as a communication tool and social network.

Following the success of the NYC Periscope Summit, Periscope has drawn millions of new users including several high profile figures to start using the service including actor Jamie Foxx and musician John Mayer. Other popular users include Amanda Oleander, a painter from Los Angeles, and digital marketing guru Alex Khan.

Android and iOS users are reportedly unable to access the app, with the global search map showing no broadcasts and people unable to launch their own broadcast.

This is a developing story…

Update: 8.25pm The Periscope App appears to be restoring broadcast listings, but loading issues remain.
8.38pm Broadcast listings are being restored.

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