Periscope about to launch new Fast-Forward capability for videos

Periscope has just announced a much needed feature that will change the game for news publishers & the entertainment industry.

Since the launch of Periscope, the app has not had the function of fast-forwarding or scrubbing through videos, however in the replay, Periscope is now going to implement a fast-forward capability to allow people to click and select which part of the video they want to see, rather than having to wait for the entire video to play.

This means that news organisations will be able to quickly access the information they need without having to wait for the whole video to play which has been one of the biggest drawbacks of the app since it was launched.

Other new functions are also coming in the coming days with BETA testers also giving a huge thumbs up for the next Periscope app update. Alex Khan, one of the most popular Periscope users announced the new functions on his latest broadcast.

The addition of the new feature that allows journalists and bloggers to fast-forward video is a major plus, and will result in increased media coverage for people scoping as newsrooms can now get the snippets of info they need quickly.

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