Peer1 Data center blackout IMMINENT : 15 minutes of fuel left

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New York Data Centers running out of power

We've just got word that several east coast data centers have run out of power or are about to, which will affect millions of websites across the U.S and worldwide.

Peer 1 announced earlier this morning that they will be suspending their services from 2.15 pm EST if fuel doesn't arrive. Supplies have been hampered by girdlock, damaged roads, and fallen trees and it's very unlikely that timely deliveries can be kept in such conditions.

Many other datacenters across the east coast are also running low on generator fuel, which is vital to sustain power while the grid is offline.

This afternoon Ubiquity Servers announced that they had stocked up on reserves at their New York facility giving them 5 days of on-site power backup. Amazon Cloud Services have not issued any warnings, but announced ahead of the storm that they had increased supplies for generators.

Data centers are vital to the U.S Economy and house some of the biggest websites that keep people connected. If one data center goes offline, millions of people are automatically put in the dark and it's something that may happen in the days ahead. Getting fuel supplies for generators via road will be tricky as FEMA continues the clean up. The immediate concern is people trapped by the storm, and providing shelters for those who have been left homeless. Wishing you all the best of luck in the coming days.

Peer1 just released this statement

"Currently, PEER 1's onsite datacenter staff, building and mechanical engineers have been able to successfully sustain our generators and fuel supply through an estimated time of 2:00PM EST.

A fuel delivery is en route to the facility but due to the various street closures and general road conditions caused by Hurricane Sandy, the expected ETA of the fuel truck is approximately 1 hour.
If the fuel delivery is not able to be made before 2:00PM EST, PEER 1 will need to initiate a suspension of all services at our affected facility beginning approximately at 2:15PM EST."


No word on PEER1 status as of yet. We will keep you updated - 2.53pm EST and are Offline - 2.54pm EST

Peer1 websites Online (intermittent, unconfirmed)

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