'Pedophilia ring' in Hollywood to be exposed within days

The shocking lawsuit filed against film director Bryan Singer alleging sexual abuse of a 17-year-old boy is about to unfold with new cases being announced Monday.

Lawyer Jeffrey Herman via telephone confirmed to the Huffington Post that there were many cases that were "overlapping each other" in Hollywood related to the sexual abuse of children from the ages of 15 to 17 and that he would be announcing them as early as Monday.

The alleged perpetrators are "all men with power and influence to sexually exploit children." On the call, the lawyer explains how the filing process in Hawaii takes some time as there is a "certificate of merit" that is required in the process of making a formal complaint. Herman also confirmed that there were other Hollywood names related to the new filings currently being prepared in Hawaii which would be revealed before the 24th of April.

Byran Singer's lawyer has called the alleged sexual abuse lawsuit against his client as "absurd and defamatory".

THR reported Friday that Singer has decided not to attend the Creativity Conference in Washington DC along with Vice President Joe Biden on May 2nd.

Given that the current lawsuit filed against the director alleges him of raping, and sexually abusing a teenager in 1999, he may have decided to postpone commitments while preparing his defense.

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