Paz Vega

Paz Vega was born in Seville, Spain, on the 2nd January 1976, as Paz Campos Trigo, in a traditional Catholic family.

Her father was a bullfighter, her mother a housewife and her sister was a flamenco dancer. She started acting in high school, and after starring in multiple Spanish sitcoms (six seasons as Laura in ‘Seven Lives’), she became famous with 2001 film ‘Sex and Lucia’ (Lucia y el sexo) by Julio Medem. In 2002 she appeared in Pedro Almodovar's movie ‘Talk to her’ (Hable con ella) that received over thirty international awards.

She made her leap to big Hollywood productions in 2005 hit ‘Spanglish’ alongside Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni. Since then, the actress has starred numerous movies where she performed in English, Spanish, French and Italian. In 2012 she lent her voice to the Andalusian Triplets, in ‘Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted’.

The actress has been cast in Olivier Dahan's new movie ‘Grace of Monaco’, as famous opera singer; Maria Callas.

In 2002 she married Orson Salazar with whom she has three children: Orson, Ava and Lenon.

Notable performances

  • Catalina Rona: in Cat Run (2011)
  • Elena Morales: Eyes of War (2009)
  • Michael: The Human Contract (2009)
  • Flor: Spanglish (2005)
  • Jake Green: Revolver (2005)
  • Amparo: Talk to her (Hable con ella) (2002)
  • Lucia: Lucia and Sex (Lucia y el sexo) (2001)

Awards and recognitions

Paz received several important awards in Spain and across its borders. For her role of Lucia in ‘Lucia y el sexo’, she got the Ondas Award for ‘Best Actress’, a Sant Jordi Award for ‘Best Spanish Act’, the prestigious Trofeo Chopard at the Cannes festival and Premios Goya for ‘Best Breakthrough Performance’. Her role in ‘Spanglish’ earned her a Phoenix Film Critics Society Award for ‘Best Breakthrough Performance’ and an Imagen foundation nomination for ‘Best Actress’.


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