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Patrick Stewart, Ben Kingsley join Paramount 100th anniversary

Patrick Stewart and Sir Ben Kingsley are among the 116 actors who were photographed together for the 100th anniversary of Paramount Studios.

Over the course of the past few decades, Paramount has produced some of the most iconic and successful films to date, from epics to controversial comedies. Most recently Sacha Baron Cohen starred in 'The Dictator' which showed the lighter side of oppression at the hands of a British comedian and proved to be a big success at the global box office. When Paramount Studios was founded in 1912, one of the world's most talked about ships 'The Titanic' struck an iceberg and sunk killing all but a few passengers. in 1997, Paramount decided to produce the epic that would become the world's most successful film. The romanticism and fascination of those events that started in 1912, the year of the studios founding, have never died, and thanks to great acting and direction from James Cameron, 'Titanic' is one of the many films that have captivated audiences.

Patrick Stewart had been a big onscreen presence for the last 20 years as the bold Star Trek captain of the Star Trek : The Next generation series and also starred in subsequent movies that were produced for cinema release by the studio including 'First Contact'.

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