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Why Paramount's $50 mega ticket for 'World War Z' is good for fans

What is the $50 movie ticket value?

This week the film industry went into a panic over what Steven Spielberg and George Lucas said about an incoming 'implosion' and how cinema tickets could cost $50 or even $150 in the future. Paramount have just begun promoting a $50 deal for 'World War Z' and there's a lot of debate as to whether this is the beginning of the "meltdown". So what's this $50 movie deal really about?

Film Industry Network consulted with many of its members and released an in-depth look at why the film industry is not heading for disaster. With Paramount's 'mega ticket' for 'World War Z' costing $50, people have been asking the question "why on earth would I pay $50 to go see a movie at the cinema?" Well that's not exactly what Paramount is offering. In actual fact, what fans are getting is far more than a movie ticket. (cost analysis below)

Here's what the $50 World War Z movie deal is bringing you :

  • Advanced screening of 'World War Z' in 3D
  • HD copy of the movie when it is released
  • A pair of custom 3D glasses (World War Z)
  • Official limited edition movie poster
  • Popcorn to feed you in the screening

The actual value of the package goes far beyond just the ticket price (and is being promoted as a $75 value). The average poster cost (I checked on Allposters.com) is around $20 for a regular print, but a limited one is far higher at around $30-50. Then the average ticket price for a 3D screening can go from $15-20 but in this deal you're seeing the movie before everyone else. After that, if we add in the pair of 3D glasses, that could cost between $20 and $40 if bought individually. Then the cost of popcorn is another $4, and a HD copy/blu ray is around $10 on top.

So in total, the market cost of this would be around $69 (from my calculation) On the expensive end, it would be around $130. We are looking at somewhere in the middle of those two figures for the real value of the package, which is pretty good in my view, and at the end of the day you get an special experience, so that's why it costs $50.

In conclusion, I think the 'mega ticket' caters to a certain demographic of the fans that want an immersive experience with the collectors items on top. It's no doubt a great deal for the fan base and a new approach from the studios to give back value. There is concern that the increased price of tickets could deter audiences from seeing movies, but if deals such as this are combined with real add-on value, then I think people will be open to it.

Disclaimer : At no point did I speak with Paramount about their promotion so I am not in any way being remunerated by telling you my views on this.

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