Paralympics closing ceremony : Rihanna on a zip wire

It's the grand finale of the 2012 Paralympics and what better way to celebrate it's successful run than with a performance by Rihanna, Coldplay and Jay Z?

An extra special acrobatic stunt is scheduled to thrill audiences in sunny Stratford later today, with Rihanna reportedly flying in on a zip wire to open her musical performance. With some of the biggest names in music attending, the Paralympics is set to seal the final climax in what has been an incredibly successful year for British athletes.

However, live stunts can often go wrong, or not completely as planned. One particular incident involved London Mayor Boris Johnson, who got stuck in mid air on a zip wire and had to brush off the embarrassment with some one liners. At the end of the day nothing bad happened, and the spectacle even helped deliver the light-hearted atmosphere we enjoyed around the games.

What can we expect tonight from Rihanna, who reportedly didn't appear for final rehearsals? Is she ready to swing in or is there another surprise waiting for us?

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