Palace to be built in Hollywood celebrity 90210 zip code

LOS ANGELES, USA News of a Palace style mansion being planned for the famous 90210 zip code is stirring some of the Hollywood elite.

The landowner who has so far remained anonymous plans to build an 85,000 square foot property in the Hollywood Hills area. It is rumoured that the resident to be is a member of the Saudi Royal family and with major ties to the Middle East.

Stars living in and around 90210 include the likes of TV show host Jay Leno and David Beckham.

News of the real estate development has not been well received as the potential for a huge building site, months of large construction could upset the peace. This is not the first time such a large project has gone ahead. Michael Ovitz had a 28,000 square foot mansion built in close proximity to the current planned site with stiff opposition.

Will he now become one of the many to oppose the new project or will the 90210 community embrace their new Saudi neighbour?

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The hit series ran from 1990 - 2000. The latest 90210 series started in 2008.



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