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  • UK charity to help filmmakers

    Indepedent Film Trust

    LONDON Newly formed, the Independent Film Trust is a charity that supports the British Independent Film Awards and the Raindance Film Festival in their work fostering, promoting and celebrating independent filmmaking.

  • New Sexy Film Festival launching in Paris

    Sexy film Festival Paris

    PARIS – Following the success of the Sexy international film festival in Melbourne: Australia, a new French counterpart is now accepting entries for its Paris programme.

  • BlueCat Screenplay Competition USA

    The best screenplay from the UK will be awarded the Cordelia Award and will receive $2500.
    The best screenplay outside the USA, Canada and the UK will be awarded the Joplin Award and receive $2500.
    The screenplay with the best title submitted in November and December, as voted by the public, will receive $1000.