Over 3800 submissions for 2011 Sundance Film Festival

PARK CITY, USA - With a huge selection of international movies from first time filmmakers, 115 have been selected to play at Sundance, including 40 first time feature filmmakers.

America's number one film festival has been growing over the last few years and has become a major international festival that is only eclipsed by the Toronto Film Festival in size.

Founder Robert Redford created the iconic festival, that has become a standard for showcasing the brightest in future filmmaking talent, and the festival is melting pot of international film enthusiasts, in a friendly atmosphere.

Sundance Film Festival director John Cooper said "The Festival is a challenge to narrowly define. It is all at once exciting, fun, crazy, engaging, visceral, and sometimes even painful. We can explain storylines, we can share what we know of each artist's unique journey, but ultimately what we will experience for 10 days in January is different for each of us. It's the spark from the filmmakers - their passion - that brings 200 unique worlds to life and, in turn, ignites the audience. The films, conversations, encounters are there to experience. And that's what makes Sundance so magical." - Sundance.org

What is there to do at the Sundance Film Festival

Every year the Sundance Film Festival takes place in January in Park City, Utah, which takes place over 10 days.

The festival includes world premieres of independent films, a creative producing initiative encompassing year-round events and helping talent. There is a theatre, documentary and native film program with panels, screenings and events, not to mention an outlet for short filmmaking and great networking opportunities.

The 2011 Sundance film festival takes place from the 20th-30th January

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