Oscar winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis to become President

LOS ANGELES, USA - Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks Studios has announced that Daniel Day-Lewis will play the role of American President Abraham Lincoln.

The announcement marks the start of things to come for the movie adaptation of the 'Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. The 'Lincoln' picture will be directed by Spielberg who enlisted screenwriter Tony Kushner to pen the transformation.

Historically one of America's most iconic leaders, and with a controversial life leading up to his own assassination, 'Lincoln' in the mind of Daniel Day-Lewis will undoubtedly be an interesting character to watch.

Filming is set to start shooting next year, and with Lewis' tremendous acting abilities, the news comes as an exciting addition to Spielberg's latest outing.

Although not much is known about the film, it will cover the political landscape of Lincoln's time in office leading up to the end of the Civil War. The irony of the casting is that a Brit, not an American, will play the US President. Despite the coup, Spielberg has often made unpredictable choices that have paid off in spades.

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The story behind Daniel Day-Lewis

British actor Daniel Day-Lewis won international acclaim for his portrayal of Daniel Plainview in 'There Will Be Blood.' The accomplished actor won numerous awards for his mastery onscreen including an Oscar, a BAFTA, a SAG Award not to mention winning the Golden Globe Awards.

George Clooney had been one of Lewis' strongest and most vocal supporters prior to him winning his Oscar at the time when both were in the same nomination category. Lewis celebrated his Oscar by 'kissing' Clooney at the end of the ceremony.

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Other American President interpretations

Of course Lewis is not the first actor to portray the role of a President. Below is a list of actors who put Presidents to life on the big screen.

Gary Sinise as Harry Truman in 'Truman'

Josh Brolin as George W Bush in 'W'

Bruce GreenWood as John F Kennedy in 'Thirteen Days'

Nick Nolte as Thomas Jefferson in 'Jefferson in Paris'

Anthony Hopkins as Richard Nixon in 'Nixon'

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