The one-man show that’s encouraging body positivity through comedy

Actor Ray McAnally’s new one-man show ‘Size Matters’ is taking comedy to the stage and challenging one of the biggest debates in America today: body image.

Touring across the country, McAnally has helped families and couples come to terms with body image, bullying, and confidence through clever comedy that highlights some of the self-limiting beliefs we have, and how we’re deeply affected by our own weight.

From an early age, people are pressured into looking perfect and as we grow up, the media culture we’re surrounded by plays a role in making us feel inadequate, especially when we don’t fit certain criteria set out by the health gurus on TV and in magazines. When dealing with personal issues like weight, body image and relationships, this can have a long-term negative impact on our self-esteem, making us feel ‘not good enough’ to be who we are.


McAnally brings 15 emotionally charged and larger than life characters to the stage from the perspective of a plus-sized actor with touching humor and lively performances.

Speaking with Film Industry Network this week, McAnally said:

“For me, comedy was the perfect way to engage the audience, get close, and then open up about the real stuff. Guys don’t typically talk about their confidence or body image unless it’s to make fun of each other or “tough love” each other. So, comedy felt like the guy way to tell the story, and keep it from being a venture into self-help or poor-me territory.”

'Size Matters' is now available on DVD and VOD. To find out the latest theatre tour information, visit McAnally's official website.

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