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How one filmmaker has gained 225,000 subscribers on Youtube

British filmmaker Simon Cade has become a prominent Youtube creator amassing over 225,00 subscribers and nearly 9 million video views since the launch of his channel in 2012.

Cade’s channel, DSLRguide, provides a host of informative and in-depth tutorials that help filmmakers learn new shooting techniques from creating film noir lighting on a budget through to shooting dramatic movie trailers.

With more than 150 videos uploaded in the past several years, Cade’s meticulous approach to his tutorials has made his channel popular among film professionals and students. The filmmaker has created his own personal style in narrating and introducing his videos, while providing clear step-by-step instructions.

In his film noir cinematography video, Cade goes through the process of setting up a scene showing lighting angles and talks through his approach to creating the effect on a micro-budget production.

The filmmaker’s channel is a great example of how filmmakers and content creators can use the platform to educate others and build audiences around their passion and knowledge. Cade has also created a video explaining how others can get more Youtube views with valuable insight and practical tips.

If you’re looking to learn more about filmmaking check out the DSLRGuide channel. You may also like to explore award-winning director Werner Herzog’s new MasterClass course on filmmaking.

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