Omphalos is a must see movie project on kickstarter

Kickstarter has become a world leading arts funding platform helping people make their movies become a reality thanks to small donations.

Omphalos is one of many projects on the crowd funding website that is seeking to raise enough money to complete its production before the end of the summer. Each kickstarter project has a landing page which provides a project outline, a trailer, and different levels of accepted donations.

Omphalos has already received nearly half its funding in just a few short days and shows a lot of promise with a very compelling, and well shot trailer that shows the quality of the team behind the movie, as well as an insight into their abilities. Often, trailers are the main marketing tools used by film production companies to draw crowds to the cinema, but in this case, trailers on kickstarter promote the concept of a film that has yet to be completed.

A detective goes to the scene of a murder. The body is his own.

I was very impressed by this particular project, first because of its superb introduction, and clever story premise, and secondly because of the talent involved. Producer Isen Robbins, director Gabriel Judet-Weinshel and Sopranos actor Edoardo Ballerini are just some of the great people who are part of this project. I also see real promise in it because it gives me visual references to what the team has already achieved as well as their intentions for the final movie.

Omphalos movie

The film has been in production since 2009, and is close to completion. The producers are currently seeking to $10000 for the project.

Check out more details of the project here and see how you can get involved.

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