Official 'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer released

'The Dark Knight Rises' on to our screens today as the new trailer is uploaded to the web.

Over the past few months there has been widespread speculation about the characters that will feature in Christopher Nolan's final Batman film. After a whirlwind surrounded the previous Batman outing, and the untimely death of 'The Joker' added to the suspense of the release, does this new trailer match fans expectations or more mystery to come?

Featuring a dark, sombre and eery onset, "There's a storm coming", are the first words ushered by Anne Hathaways character. We are introduced to the villain, Bane, but the tone of the trailer suggests an underlying theme. The choice of music is symphonic, but not an adrenaline overload. Will Christian Bale deliver his ultimate performance, against an impecabale enemy? The fans await the dawn…

'The Dark Knight Rises' will be released nationwide in theaters on the 20th July. Where will you be?

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer


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