Official - Charlie Sheen fired, looks for social media intern

Warner Brothers and CBS have officially fired Sheen from Two and A Half Men . The actor turned tiger blood warrior broke a world record this week and set himself on a collision course with execs as he demanded his fees for episodes yet to be filmed.

Will his firing allow the networks not to pay him under the contract he made with them? Whatever the reason for Sheen being fired, we saw it coming, but the TV star now faces a set back. Where is his next pay check coming from, and can he still afford his Goddesses?

Despite the bad news, the winning mindset of Sheen has earned him 2 million twitter followers, and now he s looking for a social media intern to help his publicity .

It is hard to believe the F18 pilot and Bi-winning star needs and publicity help at this stage, but the fans love the attention and want the chance to work with him one on one as an intern.

Will you still watch Two and A Half Men after Sheen s firing? Who could possibly replace him?


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