Video - Obama dedicates weekly address to Batman movie tragedy victims

Obama speaks of Batman Tragedy

President Obama has made his weekly address to Americans which centres around the Batman tragedy.

The President dedicated his weekly address to honor the victims of the Batman massacre and pledged support for the community of Aurora. After making international news headlines around the world, the shooting has shaken American families at home and abroad.

Obama weekly address

Partial Transcript of Obama's address

As many of you know, early on Friday, at least twelve people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.  Dozens more are being treated for injuries at local hospitals.  Some of the victims are being treated at a children’s hospital. 

We are still gathering all the facts about what happened, but we do know that the police have one suspect in custody.  And the federal government stands ready to do everything necessary to bring whoever’s responsible for this heinous crime to justice.  We will take every step possible to ensure the safety of all our people.  And we will stand by our neighbors in Colorado during this extraordinarily difficult time.

Full Transcript :

The very essence of the tragedy, which took place minutes after the intro credits rolled for 'The Dark Knight Rises' has raised issues about gun laws, and how communities across the country will respond.

So far, we have seen a united effort from politicians to film institutions standing with the Aurora families, who have suffered an incredible loss. As an act of respect, all film studios will not publicly release box office numbers this weekend.

In addition, Warner Bros has made a statement about the massacre with all the filmmakers involved offering their deepest condolences.

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