Obama breaks down on national TV during speech about massacre

President Obama has addressed the nation in the aftermath of the horrific massacre that has taken place in Newtown Connecticut.

It is a deeply horrific and terrible tragedy for America so soon after the very sad Batman shootings in Aurora. A nation grieves and a President mourns. Obama, who has two children of his own was clearly distraught moments ago as he made a brief, and painful speech to the media regarding the event.

Several times the President paused and held back his tears, which showed clearly how the tragedy affected him. All parents across the nation will feel the same empathy. The reported death of 18 children and countless other victims is another reminder of the deep troubles America has with gun laws, and that young people, often mentally disturbed, are able to access weapons easily.

Is today the beginning of the gun debate once and for all, or do we have to wait until the next tragedy to ask ourselves the same question? Entertainment figures have begun to weigh in, giving their condolences. It's time to reflect, and time to act on this, because it's not going to go away without decisive action, and the safety of our families and our children is a big concern.

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